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    We are always looking for Porsche-related content or news for the Pocono website, after all, this wouldn’t be much of a club if it weren’t for all of you.

    If you have articles, photos, video footage, a date for the calendar, or suggestions that you would like to submit for publication drop a line to the Pocono Webmaster. Keep in mind, to be placed on the Pocono website, submissions must:

    • Be relevant to PCA activity in the Pocono or surrounding Regions.
    • Be family friendly.
    • Not depict any libelous or slanderous language or situations.

    Pocono Region Sponsors

    Email the Pocono Webmaster if:

    • You have a great picture or YouTube video of P-cars.
    • You have a nice write up on a Pocono Region social event that you attended.
    • You have a great track or autocross story.
    • You want to show off your Porsche on the Pocono Region website.
    • You want to tell others about the favorite Porsche drive or destination.
    • You have a defining moment that inspired you and your passion for Porsche.
    • You want to share that new modification project you just completed or show others how to maintain their Porsche.
    • You have questions or comments.