TSD Rally

Navigational Rally — also known as a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) Rally

A TSD Rally is an event where cars follow a prescribed route on public roads at a precise speed or need to arrive at a destination after a precise driving duration. This is an excellent form of competition, and requires only a sense of direction and the ability to read and follow instructions in order to compete. The winner is the one who has successfully negotiated the course with the minimum deviation from pre-set speeds and times. There are a number of checkpoints along the way and each leg of the Rally is scored separately.

Most Rallies Use Interesting Roads That Are Off The Beaten Path

The Pocono Region does not currently run TSD Rallies. This does not mean that you cannot participate in a PCA friendly TSD Rally organized by a neighboring region. For more information on this type of Rally, please contact the Region President or attend one of the Monthly Membership Meetings and simply ask. Someone will be happy to point you in the right direction.

More Information

Want more information on Rallies? Check the PCA website at www.pca.org/rally.