Tech Sessions

Tech Sessions are a gathering at a local 3rd party Porsche repair shop for technical information and oftentimes a chance to get your car up on a lift and see the underside of it or get it checked out by a mechanic.

Teaching About Systems and Components

If you look into the history of Porsche Club of America, you will find out that it was formed by a group of early 356 owners who needed the mutual support and knowledge of fellow 356 owners because dealers and mechanics who knew how to work on the cars were few and far between. Back in the 1950’s the Porsche owner had to do their own maintenance and repairs, there simply wasn’t a choice!

What’s Going on Under the Hood of Your Porsche

The necessity may have passed, but many Porsche owners still like to wrench on their cars themselves, or at least understand how to pick a good paint shop or body shop, or even what accessories are worth buying and from who.

Tech Sessions are meetings at local shops and after market providers to teach members about the systems and components of their cars, including how to maintain and repair them, and to establish contacts with local businesses that provide parts, products and services for Porsches. If you want to learn more about what is going on under the hood of your car, these are for you!

Pocono Dealer Liaison

Dealer Liaison:
Dominick Yannuzzi

If you own a repair facility and are interested in hosting a Tech Session, contact our Dealer Liaison.

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