Gimmick Rally

A gimmick rally has been described as an extremely large board game: public streets are the board, and your car is your playing piece. Since a rally is a game played while driving a vehicle, it has a set of rules which govern your actions. – The rules for a rally are called General Instructions (GI). – The Route Instructions (RI), are the directions for navigating the game along a given course. Gimmick Rallies are limited only by the imagination and creativity of the rally master! A PCA gimmick rally is not governed by the rules of TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rallies. The only time constraint is a deadline to be at the finish location. • A Gimmick Rally is not a Tour- it is designed to be a low-key competitive event that two or more people can enjoy. • A PCA Gimmick rally should not be filled with traps or difficult instructions. Rather the game or gimmick should be fairly straight- forward, with the objective being powers of observation, rally team ingenuity, and, for some events, a little luck. Gimmick Rallies require drivers, navigators (and passengers) to participate in a “gimmick” – following instructions, solving puzzles or other imaginative devices, much like a scavenger hunt. While Gimmick Rallies are somewhat competitive, they are intended to be fun, and are often paired with social events at the end point of the rally. Trophies are given to the winners!

Pocono Rally Chair

If you would like more information about gimmick rallies, contact our Rally Chair Bernis Emmett.

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