Driving Tours

Drive New Roads…in Your Porsche

Driving tours have grown to become the most popular event in PCA, as evidenced by the number of insurance requests received by the National office. Driving tours are non-competitive events driven on public roads allowing club members an opportunity to drive their cars in a low risk, social environment. This is a car club, after all, and our members love to drive their Porsches. Tours can be just for the sake of driving through the pretty countryside on Porsche-friendly roads, or to arrive at a destination for lunch or a local attraction, such as a museum or car show in another town or Region . Our Driving Tours are held several times throughout the season. They will have a starting point and a different ending point, oftentimes for ice cream or dinner. They are leisurely 2 hour drives following a set path behind a lead car on some of the awesome back roads we have here in the Poconos.

Enjoy the Open Road with Friends

Scenic and twisty roads are often the goal, and unlike a Rally, this is really just a site seeing tour. No maps or potentially confusing directions to follow, just a clear and simple goal of enjoying the open road. Join us…and drive on some truly fantastic roads with Porsche friends old and new!

Pocono Driving Tours Chair

If you know of some amazing roads, or have a route that you like to drive, please contact our Driving Tours Chair Tommy Hopeck.