Club Racing

Organized Race Series for Porsche Owners

The PCA Club Racing Program was established around several guiding principles. First, there should be a class for any and all Porsche manufactured sports cars, including both street and modified cars. Second, the racing is to be fun, safe, and clean. This principle is embodied in the strict enforcement of the “13/13 Rule”, which provides for immediate sanctions against any driver at fault in any incident involving car damage. Third, the organization and operation of PCA Club Race Events is to be uniform, so that any racer may attend any PCA Club Race Event and know exactly what to expect. PCA Club Racing has over 2,500 competition license holders.

The Pocono Region does not currently have a Club Racing Chairperson or Committee. This does not mean that you cannot participate in a PCA Club Race organized by a neighboring region, provided you have all the necessary qualifications. Please contact the Region President if you have any questions.

The Gateway to Club Racing

The gateway to Club Racing is the Drivers Education (DE) and Time Trial program. The mission and purpose of these is to provide a safe, structured, and controlled teaching and learning environment on the big track. But when you are ready for club racing, club racing is ready for you!

More Information

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PCA Club Racing:
Challenge Yourself and Have a Lot of Fun

PCA Club Racing:
Vintage Class Introduced 25 Years After First Race