Concours Chair News

Concours d’Elegance is a term denoting a gathering together of automobiles for judging their relative merits in terms of coachwork, design, finish, and appointments. Over the years the PCA Concours has been divided into four groups:

  • Restoration
  • Preservation
  • Preparation
  • Wash & Shine

PCA members may enter their Porsches in either the Restoration Group or the Preservation Group provided the automobiles are at least ten model years old. Preserved Porsches have the opportunity to have their cars compete as a separate group. Restored Porsches compete as a group. Newer cars compete in the Preparation Group. Also, if you would like to show your Porsche in a less competitive way, PCA now offers a Wash & Shine Group.

Restoration Group

The grouping “Restoration” implies that the entered Porsche has been repainted, reupholstered, re-carpeted, trim re-plated, with non service items such as rubber seals and trim replaced in a comprehensive manner. The paint color need not be the original color. The upholstery need not be the original color or fabric. The engine and or the transaxle may have been upgraded or replaced entirely.

Preservation Group

For “Preservation”, the emphasis is on the preservation of the car. The Porsche is maintained in its original condition with evidence that the car has been reasonably used and not simply stored. The Paint color must be original along with the carpet and upholstery must be of original color and fabric. The engine and transaxle must be original as well. The Kardex “build Sheet” is required for the judges to review.

Preparation Group

For the ‘Preparation Group”, emphasis is on preparation, presentation and cleanliness. Originality will not be judged. The Kardex is not required. This group is broken down into two classes, “Full” and “Touring”. Full is just what it implies, the entire car is judged, including the underside of the car. Touring, is everything but the underside of the car.

Wash & Shine Group

Porsche recently has added a Wash & Shine Group, for those who want to dip their toes in the Concour experience. Focus is on the exterior of the car, Cleanliness, Paint, along with Body panel fit and finish.

Each car will be inspected by a team of Judges. The Judges will be timed. The following components will be judged: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Storage, Chassis.