PCA Anniversaries—4th quarter


Alfred Beichler from Dalton—3 years

Ed Slusarczyk from Drums—4 years

David Smith from Breuillet—4 years

Aaron Weir from Smiths Station—5 years

Jedd Wolchok from New York—6 years

Norman Sallitt from Dallas—7 years

Richard Hollenberg from Clarks Summit—10 years

Patrick Amato from Bloomsburg—12 years

Robert Heist from Dallas—18 years

Kasey Welebob from Dallas—18 years

Dave Brands from Stroudsburg—20 years

Peter Konicki from Bear Creek Township—20 years

Gary Reinhardt from Harkers Island—27 years

Randy Duckworth from Clarks Summit—40 years




Francis Hager from Moosic—2 years

Steven Musgrave from Berwick—2 years

Vince Iacouzze from Bushkill—3 years

Louis Bataille from Milford—5 years

Jesper Markusson from Ekero—5 years

Blaine Rampulla from Drums—5 years

Craig Smith from Clarks Summit—5 years

Robert Besecker from Dallas—7 years

David Gorman from Waymart—16 years

Trevor Novotnak from Weatherly—16 years

Joseph Parker from Honesdale—16 years

Raymond Ford from Mountain Top—18 years

Robert Luciani from Dunmore—21 years

James Simonds from Ringoes—27 years

Alfred Grassa from Saylorsburg—25 years

Daniel Dreisbach from Mifflinville—30 years

Robert Sechevich from Sugarloaf—31 years







Kevin Kappler from Union Dale—3 years

Dave Akers from Clarks Summit—12 years

Tom Meyer from Stroudsburg—12 years

Bill Golden from Scranton—20 years

Walt Weir from Harvey’s Lake—23 years

James Gittens from Kingston—24 years

John Novotnak from Weatherly—31 years

Mike Budjnoski from Harvey’s Lake—39 years


PCA Anniversaries—2nd quarter


John Ayre from Mountain Top—3 years

Ronald Hughes from Saylorsburg—3 years

Dan Holod from Central City—4 years

Renzo Soldani from Wilkes Barre—4 years

Joseph Angelella from Wyoming—5 years

Robert Doble from Clarks Summit—7 years

Elwood Martin from Monroe Township—8 years

Anton Bonifacic from Henryville—11 years

Larry Belkey from Easton—15 years

Tom Nardone from Dallas—20 years



Anthony Alfieri from Lake Ariel—1 year

Ryan Lehman from Scranton—1 year

Paul Updike from Bear Creek—2 years

Joseph Nichols from Summit Hill—3 years

Len Goldspinner from Stroudsburg—5 years

Dianne Costanza from Miami Beach—6 years

Roger Saumure from Shohola—7 years

Harold Lauritano from Lake Ariel—9 years

Mark Elliott from Stroudsburg—11 years

Tom Helfst from Stroudsburg—17 years

Evan Goldstein from East Stroudsburg—23 years

Matthew Swientisky from Waverly—28 years

W Ferraraccio from Bloomsburg—39 years


Lloyd Blauner from Milford—1 year

Christopher Ciuffreda from Milford—2 years

Axel Cruz from Allentown—4 years

Christopher Duckworth from Clarks Summit—4 years

Art Jennerich from Pocono Pines—4 years

Richard Mead from Clarks Green—4 years

William Greiner from  Forty Fort—5 years

Arthur Luciano from Wilkes Barre—7 years

Sean Loughman from Scranton—8 years

Todd Treat from Falls—9 years

Brad Jumper from Mountain Top—12 years

Donald Bernstein from Clarks Summit—17 years

Aldan Lori from Waverly—18 years

Henry Skier from Honesdale—19 years

Ineal Razak from Stroudsburg—22 years

Arthur Mason from Coopersburg—24 years

Gerald Zawislak from Scott Township—25 years

Thomas Joseph from Mountain Top—31 years

January Anniversaries

Rachel Davis from Mountain Top—1 year

Gregory Banks from Dallas—2 years

Jeff Derier from Dallas—2 years

Eugene Long from Jermyn—5 years

William Crossley from Scott Township—12 years

Jeff Woytowich from Shavertown—18 years


February Anniversaries

Bob Maurer from Swiftwater—1 year

Theodore Mortsea from Honesdale—1 year

Dan Puksta from Waverly—1 year

Larry Kramer from Stroudsburg—2 years

Tommy Hopeck from West Hazelton—3 years

Richard Hiscock from Dallas—7 years

Herman Sibum from Stroudsburg—7 years

Larry Kinn from Danville—8 years

Shawn Stanford from West Pittston—8 years

Millard Beatty from Bloomsburg—18 years


March Anniversaries

Juliet Avery from Archbald—1 year

Mike Weber from South Sterling—2 years

Darren Inman from Bloomsburg—3 years

George Speace from Shavertown—3 years

John Biniewicz from New Milford—4 years

Jerry Kline from Mountain Top—4 years

Richard Molinaro from Drums—5 years

William Zehring from Mountain Top—5 years

Daniel Clinger from Milton—6 years

Louis Malinosky from Dunmore—7 years

Norman White from Factoryville—12 years

David Cox from Moscow—17 years

Dean James from Kingston—17 years

Gary Rice from Dallas—21 years

Harry Cooper from Dallas—35 years

Come on out and join us for our monthly membership meeting. As of our last meeting the oil can money was not won.  You need to be present to win.

The meeting returns to The Powerhouse Eatery.

All meetings start at 7 PM. Please arrive at 6:00 if you plan on eating.