Track that THING!!


If you have NOT taken your beloved PORSCHE to the track yet – what are you waiting on? Fear of damaging your Porsche on track is understandable, but I am here to tell you, DON’T BE a fearin’. There is nothing to fear driving your Porsche on track, absolutely NOTHING.


Nope, that is not true. Here is why I say this. Because once you DO finally take your Porsche onto the track, you will NEVER want to come off the track. The reason is simple too. It was MADE for the track. Your Porsche is a Porsche because that is what Porsches excel at better than ANY other marque in existence. Yes, you could look at Mercedes-Benz and be impressed with their history in road racing and their AMG line of cars are impressive (I know as I owned a 2008 CLK63AMG Black Series for several years) but a car specifically built for the track is one thing, how many car manufacturers out there make great road cars that also excel right out of the box on track – very, very few if any other than Porsche. l know, there is the M3/M4 BMW cars, and, admittedly, they are great cars, but BMW has been loosing their way the past few years (authors opinion – comment as you see fit), while Porsche has been upping their game while improving on the newer technologies as they go along the way (think drive by wire steering vs. hydraulic, etc.)

Ok, so you already know that your Porsche is a great road car, because that is where you spend all your time with your Porsche – on the road. Truth is, you are safer on track than on the road simply because there you will be with other like minded individuals who love their cars but also want to learn the proper way to drive it on track, at speed. When you first start on track, you will have an instructor in the car with you guiding you to do smart, safe things, starting with a proper driving position, having your mirrors set up properly (so many of us DO NOT have our mirrors set up correctly), holding the steering wheel properly (yes, there IS a proper way to hold a steering wheel – if you know, tell me…), and the proper way to turn said steering wheel, all while looking where you are going. You’ll learn proper braking techniques, throttle control (especially good for those who own Mustangs, or high horsepower cars), and of course, you will learn how to drive the “perfect line”. The joy of turning a perfect lap (rarely achieved – even by pro drivers!!) is what keeps track addicts addicted and coming back weekend after weekend. It is the same elixir that golf addicts have, it only takes two or three great shots to keep us coming back to the course that just ate a half dozen of our over priced golf balls!! And just like golf, our favorite track will never drive the same as it too is subject to constant change. So, do you think you have it in you to track your car?, to learn how to truly drive your car to its and your potential? Let me know what you think. If your interested in getting out on track let me know and I will be happy to guide you towards your first event. If you used to track a car “back in the day” and would like to get back in the seat again, there are hundreds of PCA HPDE events year round throughout the US and can be found at

Just remember, once you start this, be prepared to be hooked, after all we own a Porsche for a reason, we love to drive.  So, let do it!