Garagemahaul Tours

November 11th,  2017 -Don  Bernsteins  Garagemahaul Tour -Our own, Mr. Mark Golden has secured the date of this November 11th for our final Garagemahaul over at Mr. Don Bernstein’s Antique Cars Warehouse located at 1028 Reeves St., Dunmore, PA 18512 for 11AM.

We will meet for breakfast over at Perkins Restaurant 1130 Ravine Street, Scranton, PA 18508 at 9:00 AM which should give us plenty of time to enjoy a great breakfast and catch up on goings on with friends. We will then embark on the short drive over to Mr. Bernsteins’ where we will be treated to an absolutely stunning collection of pre-war vehicles as well as some classic Italian/American and British marques to name just a few – no cheating, but who can name the most cars just by looking??!!

Mark sent directions to get to Don’s Antique Cars Warehouse so make sure you print these out (just in case!):

As always, please respond to Len’s recent email blast.  Thanks, and a special thank you to Mark Golden for bringing this event to us as well as a special thank you to Mr. Don Bernstein for being so gracious in opening his doors to our club.

September 30th, 2017 – Ayre Garagemahaul Tour – This event will not be your typical garage tour folks, nope. This one will be much, MUCH more!!
Our day will start at Perkins Restaurant in Wilkes-Barre 1085 Wilkes Barre Township Blvd. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 at 9:30 A.M. for a great breakfast, from there we will embark on a great drive put together by our host Mr. John Ayre, The drive will bring us to his families very large garage located at 207 Church Road, Mountain Top, PA 18707, where we will be treated to some of the most unique working vehicles, machinery and equipment most of us will EVER see!!

You DO   NOT   WANT   TO    MISS    THIS!!!! 


October 7th, 2017 – Arthur Berry Garagemahaul Tour – Oh yeah, this is it! – For those of you who don’t know Mr. Berry, let me introduce you to a very unique and interesting individual – best word to use is diversified. Mr. Berry is the current co-owner of Camelback Resort (how cool is THAT!) and has long been an avid automotive enthusiast who is not afraid to go after and acquire unique vehicles for his collection. For us to be able to experience his pallet of cars is a great treat and a very rare opportunity! 

We will start our day with a breakfast at Perkins Restaurant  3267 PA-940 Mt. Pocono, PA 18344 at 10 A.M. and then work our way via a scenic, challenging drive (twisties galore!!) on our way to Mr. Berry’s garage at 2176 Glenbrook Divide Stroudsburg, PA 18360. 
Mr. Berry has confirmed that he has NO parking restrictions, so we can accept more than our usual 10 car maximum – thank you Art! 

Membership September meeting Tuesday 9/19


This months Members Meeting takes us to a very special location out in Bloomsburg, PA called A TASTE OF ITALY 6007 Columbia Blvd. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 – We are very excited about this event as it comes HIGHLY recommended by our very own Darren Inman! Thank you Darren for the suggestion! This venue also allows our members who have not been able to travel to other meetings, an opportunity to attend, so we are looking forward to a great turnout of dedicated Porsche enthusiasts!!! Be sure to be here!!!

2019 Officers and Chairs


John Emmett

Vice President

Margie Becker


Trish Slusarczyk


Ed Slusarczyk

Zone 2 Rep

Rose Ann Novotnak, Weatherly, PA

Activites Chair

Randy Duckworth lives in the north Scranton area and divides his time between his 928s and his 911 cab.

Membership & Test Drive Chair

Jim Becker

Technical Chair

Harry Cooper

Social Chair

Michael Platt

Safety Chair

John Emmett

Rally Chair

Marge Becker

Webmaster, Historian & Social Media Chair

John Novotnak

Concours Chair

Walt Weir

Goody Store Chair

Don Hull

Dealer Liaison Chair

Dominic Yannuzzi

2016 October Drive & Dine Gallery

Our Annual October Drive and Dine today saw 42 for breakfast and 18 cars spend an afternoon traversing some fabulous Pennsylvania country side. And a hay ride and a catered dinner at Hillside Farms. Thanks to Chuck and other officers and members of Pocono who made this a complete success. Best ride ever! Thanks to Cheryl Taylor, our Zone 2 Rep, for joining us. This was as good as it gets!

A big ‘Thank You!’ for the header pic!

There were a bunch of P-Cars parked at Grotto Pizza for last night’s Member Meeting, and since it was a Tuesday night in September and the summer crowd isn’t on the lake, more than half the cars in the lot were Porsches. The crew from Grotto was taking the opportunity to admire the cars and, while I was taking some pictures for a Facebook post, one of them approached me and offered a panorama he’d taken with this phone.

Needless to say, I asked him to send it to me and our site boasts a new header pic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his name, but if he sees this: Thanks for the awesome shot!

Maybe John needs an apprentice?

September Month-A-Versaries!

It has been yet another very busy month as we transition from summer to fall here in the Northeast of PA and with school starting, pool closings, last minute squeezing of everything “summer” into our schedules (for some) the month of September comes and goes VERY quickly.
Not to be too too late – here is our MONTH-A-VERSARY list for our members celebrating their time in the Porsche Club of America!
Let’s take the time to recognize and thank them for being part of the largest single marque car club in the USA!

Our members of the month, their join date, and the Porsche they love (there may be more!!).

  • Frank Crapella 9/1/1981 35 years! (1961 356)
  • Brian Brombacher 9/1/1991 25 years! (1987 924S)
  • Margery Becker 9/1/1997 19 years! (2006 Boxster S)
  • Michael Platt 9/1/1998 18 years! (1962 356)
  • Donald Hull 9/1/2002 14 years (1985 944)
  • Kenneth Van Artsdalen 9/30/2005 11 years (1988 911 Carrera)
  • Mark Golden 9/20/2006 10 years (2000 Boxster)
  • Brian Erdman 9/7/2007 9 years (1986 911 Carrera)
  • Bart Ecker 9/30/2009 7 years (2002 911 Carrera 4)
  • Jerry Sweeney 9/13/2011 5 years (2011 Panamera)
  • Michael Carson 9/16/2011 5 years (1983 944)
  • Nicholas Kachur 9/20/2011 5 years (2002 911 Carrera 4S)
  • Don Kearney 9/11/2012 4 years (1998 Boxster)
  • John Voda 9/12/2012 4 years (2010 Boxster)
  • Brock Phillips 9/27/2012 4 years (2009 911 Carrera S)
  • Susan Mellinger 9/10/2013 3 years (2014 Boxster)
  • Charles C. Berneski 9/18/2014 2 years (2000 Boxster S)
  • John Dublanica 9/23/2014 2 years (1968 911L)
  • Darell Covington 9/30/2014 2 years (2014 Cayman)
  • Kathryn Bohl 9/16/2015 1 year (2001 911 Carrera)
  • Nate Hoffman 9/27/2015 1 year (2001 911 Turbo)
  • Dominic Yannuzzi 9/6/2016 WELCOME!! (2001 Boxster)

July Month-a-versaries

I am happy to share the following list with our membership to celebrate the month-a-versary for 15 of our members. Please help me in celebrating their milestone as they continue to enjoy their relationship with the Pocono Region PCA, but also, their love for their Porsche.

  • Robert Birkland  – 28 YEARS!
  • Michael Kane – 24 YEARS!
  • Charles Kornutiak – 20 YEARS!
  • Douglas Adams – 15 YEARS
  • Andrew Moore – 12 YEARS
  • Stanley Pearlman
  • Lewis Grant
  • Nichole Danova
  • Paul Krawitz
  • Jeffrey Krug
  • John Emmett
  • Michael Musumeci
  • Louis Genello
  • Gary Schommer
  • John Herron

Be safe, be happy…
Leonard Goldspinner
Safety Chair/Membership Chair

June Anniversaries!

With the weather working in our favor, most of us are very busy with outdoor activities involving our cars, but – the work must still get done, so here for the month of June is our list of esteemed colleagues who are celebrating their month-a-versary:

  • Thomas Joseph – 28 YEARS!
  • Gerald Zawislak – 22 YEARS!
  • Arthur Mason – 21 YEARS!
  • Meinir Razak – 19 YEARS!
  • Aldan Lori – 15 YEARS!
  • Donald Bernstein – 14 YEARS!
  • Brad Jumper – 9 years
  • Todd Treat – 6 years
  • Sean Loughman – 5 years
  • Arthur Luciano – 4 years
  • Matthew Sandherr – 3 years
  • Fiore Cremard III – 2 years
  • William Greiner – 2 years
  • Art Jennerich – 1 year
  • Axsel Cruz – 1 year
  • Louis Villecco – 1 year
  • Raymond Mead – 1 year
  • Christopher Duckworth – 1 year

If you see or speak to any of the above members, remember to thank them for their patronage with the club, for it is the people that make our events even more memorable.

Be safe, be happy…
Leonard Goldspinner