Porsche Club of America:
“It’s Not Just the Cars, It’s the People!”

Our club’s motto is “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people!” because Porsche club of America (PCA) is comprised of such a fantastic cadre of people, social events are a major part of the fabric of this club. These can be pot-luck or catered, at local establishments or in member’s homes. They can be picnics, movie nights, baseball games, breakfasts, dinners, cars-n-coffee gatherings at the local donut shop, overnight get-a-ways or formal banquets, or a million other things.

Social Events Are a Major Part of This Club

Whatever the plan, these get-togethers are fun, fun, fun!

Social events can be anything from impromptu drives or a get together for lunch/dinner/ice cream to planned events for the Region, such as the Summer Picnic and the Christmas Party. The numbers of social activities that exist are literally bound only by the imagination. A good “social director” can continually come up with new and exciting activities. Impromptu gatherings are usually posted on our Facebook site.  Planned events can be found on our website and calendar as well as our Facebook site.   The Pocono Region does not currently have a Social Chairperson or Committee. If you are a social butterfly or a person who likes to plan parties and small gatherings, please consider being our Social chair and putting some fun things together for the Region.  For more information on chairing a committee or if you just have an idea for a fun Club activity that you would like to run—a tour of a facility, a get together other than a Membership meeting for food and conversation, or an event that you attend that might be of interest to other like-minded people, please contact the Pocono Region President.