Randy Duckworth is working on a trip to Watkins Glen on June 1, 2019.  We’d meet for breakfast near Clarks Summit (Waffle House or Dunkin Donuts), take a back roads drive to Watkins Glen (~2.5 hours), have lunch at or near the track, see some of the PCA Club Racing action, enjoy an escorted 3 lap parade ride around the track (probably limited to ~  60 mph), and then enjoy some of the local options (winery tasting/tours, cruise on Seneca Lake, meals, stay at the track, shopping, eating, head home, go to a hotel, ….).  What we would like to get a feel for is:

1.     How many of you are interested in participating in the event (the track lap portion is $20 if we have 10 or more cars)?

2.     How many would like to spend the night near Watkins Glen?  The Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel looks like a good option.

3.     How many would like to take a cruise on Seneca Lake?

4.     How many would like to do a tasting/tour of a winery?  The Lakewood Vineyards tour/tasting is $10 and a tasting only is $5.

Please respond to Randy at randy.duckworth@snapon.com if you are interested and what options you are interested in.