Greetings fellow Porsche enthusiasts…

     As I write this, snowflakes are falling outside, but spring is just around the corner, and we are thinking of ending the winter hibernation of our Porsches.  As you remove battery chargers, install wheels/tires and remove jack stands remember to be safe.  Be careful and do no harm to your car or yourself!  Before you drive, do an inspection of the inside and the outside to remember how you left things – are seats and seat belts secure, instrumentation working, tires good?

     Car-in-motion events like our organized Drive & Dine trips and the upcoming fall rally require the proper insurance paperwork.  PCA requires us to submit our request for event insurance at least 3 weeks before an event.  We are also required to have all participants sign a waiver before launch.  There is no variation in this process from last year except for the human element (me).  Please give me advance notice of planned events.

     Good luck with the spring awakening and go forth, do good and enjoy (safely, of course).  See you along the way.


     Lang Greiner