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2018 Officers and Chairs


I am an avid drummer (self taught) and have been playing since I was 4 (not always very well mind you!) but have had the good fortune to have played with some very talented musicians who have helped me to improve my own playing along the way. I’ve been car crazy since building my first model at the age of 5, I am also very passionate about driving, both on the open road and on the track. To this end, I have been fortunate to acquire a personal collection of vehicles that touch on my personality. I feel blessed to have had the opportunities in my life that have challenged me to be the best that I can be and I look forward to each day as such.

Vice President & Driving Tour Chair

Mark Frumkin is a life-long resident of the Hazleton area.


Eddie and Trish became friends with Mark and Lynn Frumkin when they moved to Beech Mountain Lakes. Mark and Lynn talked about how great the Christmas party and the club was, so there was only one thing to do, buy a Porsche so we could join the club and attend the party.  Trish has no experience with cars, but enjoys the events, activities and especially the members. As  Safety Chair, she learned a lot regarding how the club operates and will continue to learn as Secretary.


From Ken – Treasurer Emeritus and Continuous, a gearhead who prefers working on his car rather than pay a professional to do the work. That’s why his car hasn’t run in a year and a half.

But all of the savings from not going to the track have been very beneficial to paying for my daughter’s wedding.

Zone 2 Rep

Rose Ann Novotnak, Weatherly, PA

Activites Chair

Randy Duckworth lives in the north Scranton area and divides his time between his 928s and his 911 cab.

Membership & Test Drive Chair

Jim Becker

Technical Chair

Harry Cooper

Social Chair

Michael Platt

Safety Chair

John Emmett

Rally Chair

Marge Becker

Webmaster, Historian & Social Media Chair

John Novotnak

Concours Chair

Walt Weir

Goody Store Chair

Don Hull

Dealer Liaison Chair

Dominic Yannuzzi